Palm oil in nutrition, health and the environment: perceptions from a sub-Saharan African setting

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Through a research collaboration with the University Dschang (Cameroon), this project aims to explore current knowledge and practices around dietary intake in Cameroon. Specifically, we will examine common misconseptions around the health and ecological impact of palm oil use in Cameroon. The information acquired will form the basis of nutritional intervention development for a community wide intervention to reduce domestic consumption of palm oil.

As part of this project, we will host a Cameroonian Medical graduate at the University of Bristol to assist in the development of a culturally appropriate survey, and to apply mixed-research training acquired during his visit in the UK in order to conduct the research project upon their return to Cameroon.
Effective start/end date17/09/1830/06/20

Structured keywords

  • Cabot Institute Food Security Research
  • palm oil
  • Cameroon
  • diet
  • knowledge


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