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Previous research has shown long-lasting effects of collective violence, not only among survivors but also for subsequent generations. However, that impact may not only be negative. Although the majority of intergroup conflict research focuses on maladaptive outcomes (e.g., prejudice), there has been a recent shift in the literature. Adopting a risk and resilience approach, which emphasises competencies not only pathologies, this project focuses on the antecedents of constructive intra- and inter-group experiences among a ‘post-accord’ generation in Northern Ireland. More specifically, it examines how altruism born of suffering influences positive adolescent outcomes, such as prosocial behaviours. Although born after the 1998 Belfast Agreement, youth are still exposed to annual spikes in tension during the marching season. This study combines experimental and micro-longitudinal approaches to identify processes related to ABS and positive development among Belfast youth; findings have implications for promoting their peace building potential.
Effective start/end date1/09/1531/08/17

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