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East Africa experiences high seismic risk because traditional masonry structures are seismically vulnerable and
large earthquakes (M7.0+) can occur. This pump-priming proposal focusses on Uganda and seeks to a) form crossdisciplinary
partnerships with the DRR community (government and academia), b) increase awareness of seismic
risk, c) assess knowledge gaps and barriers to increasing resillience. It will lay the foundations for integrating
seismic resillience into policies for long-term infrastructure development and short- term emergency

Key findings

• Wider awareness of seismic risks in Uganda, and the steps required to improve resillience.
• Formation of new partnerships between UoB and Ugandan partners, and cross-disciplinary
partnerships between Engineering, Science and Government within Uganda.
• Cross-disciplinary assessment of the current state of knowledge regarding earthquakes in Uganda.
• Identification of knowledge gaps and barriers to increasing resillience.
Effective start/end date1/02/1931/07/19


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