Programme of Research On VIolence in diverse Domestic Environments (PROVIDE)

  • Hester, Marianne (Co-Investigator)
  • Williamson, Emma (Co-Investigator)
  • Howard, Louise M (Principal Investigator)
  • Loraine, Bacchus (Principal Investigator)
  • Agnew-Davies, Roxane (Researcher)
  • Bailey, Jayne E (Manager)
  • Carey, Jude A (Researcher)
  • Carmichael, David I (Engineer)
  • Evans, Maggie A (Researcher)
  • Ferrari, Giulia (Researcher)
  • Hollinghurst, Sandra P (Researcher)
  • Howarth, Emma (Researcher)
  • Jones, Cassandra A (Researcher)
  • Malpass, Alice (Researcher)
  • Martens, Patricia (Administrator)
  • Morgan, Karen J (Researcher)
  • Peters, Tim (Researcher)
  • Sardinha, Lynnmarie I K (Researcher)
  • Sharp, Debbie J (Researcher)
  • Oram, Si├ón (Researcher)
  • Trevillion, Kylee (Researcher)
  • Ana Maria, Buller (Researcher)
  • Watts, Charlotte H (Researcher)
  • Coulter, Mark (Collaborator)
  • Dawes, Ruth (Collaborator)
  • Debbonaire, Thangam (Collaborator)
  • Hartland, Joanne (Collaborator)
  • Metters, Carol (Collaborator)
  • Radford, Lorraine (Collaborator)
  • Stanley, Nicky (Collaborator)
  • Taft, Angela (Collaborator)
  • Griffiths, Rhiannon (Collaborator)
  • Feder, Gene S (Principal Investigator)


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Nursing and Health Professions