Queer Asylum Spaces in Berlin, Germany

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Queer, trans, gay, and intersex asylum seekers belong to the least visible and most vulnerable group within Germany’s asylum system. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees does not separately register queer asylum cases and many queer/gay Muslim asylum seekers remain silent because of fear of homo- and transphobia. Based on the experiences of gay/queer Muslim asylum seekers in Berlin, this study examines how access to asylum can be influenced by Westernized ideas about sexuality as well as anti-Muslim feeling. We will ensure the findings are useful to different groups, including community organisations and policymakers. They will be used to support the development of policies and politics that are based on a better understanding of the many different experiences of Muslim LGBTQI+ asylum seekers. The study will also challenge social attitudes about “the Muslim” and “the refugee” through working with artists and photographers.
Effective start/end date1/09/1831/08/20