Reading Quest Research Study

  • Feiler, Anthony C (Principal Investigator)
  • Rose, Jo (Researcher)

Project Details


This project comprises an exciting research partnership between a charity (Reading Quest), a commercial organisation (AQA) and the Graduate School of Education to evaluate the impact of a scheme for children with literacy difficulties.

Reading Quest is a charity based in Oxford that helps children aged 7-8 years who struggle with the early stages of reading. They are given a course of intensive, structured, one-to-one daily sessions in school over a six-week period, and involvement from family and carers is welcomed. Little is known about the literacy gains made by the children, whether these are sustained over time, and whether there is a wider impact on children. Reading Quest has requested that their work is evaluated. The research will investigate the nature of the intervention, and measure the change in reading age. Interviews with children, parents and teachers will explore any changes in children’s academic and social self-confidence. A comparison group of children who are not participating in the programme will also participate in the research.

The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is the largest of the three English exam boards and wants to develop its research expertise with younger children (at present its work is primarily with pupils aged 14-19). This organisation will fund a .5 researcher to work with Anthony Feiler (PI) and Jo Rose (lead researcher) for the duration of this 2-year study. Anthony and Jo will advise on design, data collection and data analysis.
Effective start/end date1/09/111/09/13


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