Reading the Human Through Artificial, Augmented and Artistic Intelligence

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The aim is to develop an arts/engineering collaborative network - ∆3 - with researchers at Bristol Robotics Laboratory and external partner artist Dr Katy Connor, to explore Artificial and Augmented Intelligence through Artistic Research.
A series of workshops will find and explore common areas of interest: thinking about and engaging with how Machine Vision, AI and Neural Networks 'Read the Human'.

Layman's description

Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are changing the way we live and engage with our environments. How do machines read us? What does it mean for us to dwell with(in) these digital spaces? In order to better understand our socio-technical futures, we need new ways of working and collaborating cross-discipline. We propose that arts/engineering collaborations like this are the vital key to our future - facilitating our social and cultural negotiation of science and technology - and enabling us to Live Well with technologies.
Effective start/end date2/03/2026/06/20


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