Rework of Adult Social Care and the Experience of Being a Man with Long term Condition.

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This project will explore how social care support does or does not address male gender issues and highlight ways in which care staff could improve and sustain the wellbeing of men with long-term conditions.

It aims to understand how men with long-term and life threatening condition (in this instance, DMD) understand their identity as men and how their gender is, or could be, supported by social care.

It will also try to improve social care professionals' understanding of, and approaches to, issues of male gender and thereby improve outcomes for service users.

Lastly, the project will attempt to gain insight into how user involvement in research may or may not affect the 'co-production' of a research encounter (in this instance about gender and living with a long-term condition) - and arguably therefore other encounters with social care staff.
Effective start/end date1/10/121/05/14


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