RSSB & Network Rail - Enhanced Trailing Arm Bush: Design, Manufacturing & Testing

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Rail surface damage caused by wheel-rail contact forces on curves makes a significant contribution to the overall cost of maintenance. Previous research has shown that passive suspension components can reduce track damage through better dynamic performance of railway vehicles, but at the cost of reduced stability and a loss of passenger comfort.

RSSB and Network Rail are jointly funding a project to build and test a novel suspension component – a prototype enhanced trailing arm bush. There are hopes that the revised design can deliver strong dynamic performance while maintaining stability and ride quality. Early research estimated that the proposed optimised hydraulic bush design could save up to 40 per cent of variable track maintenance costs and 35 per cent of wheelset renewal, maintenance, and inspection costs.

The work is being carried out by a consortium, led by the University of Bristol and supported by the Universities of Cambridge and Huddersfield, leading bushing supplier GMT, and experts from CAF, Hitachi, Alstom, and Eversholt. They will construct a prototype trailing arm bush device and experimentally demonstrate its performance.

Project Funder: RSSB & Network Rail

Project Partners: University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, University of Huddersfield, GMT, and experts from CAF, Hitachi, Alstom, and Eversholt
Effective start/end date1/02/2330/06/24


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