School effectiveness and educational quality (SeeQ) project, part of the DFID Research Programme Consortium: Implementing Quality Education in Low Income Countries

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Yu, G. & Thomas, SM (2008) Exploring School Effects across Southern and Eastern African School Systems and in Tanzania. Special Issue on International Comparative Studies of Achievement. Assessment in Education. 15 (3:283-306)
Thomas, SM., Massoud,S. & Peng W-J. (2013). Monitoring and Evaluating School Effectiveness: TheCase for longitudinal datasets. In L. Tikly & A. M. Barrett (Eds),Education Quality and Social Justice in the Global South: Challenges for policy, practice and research, pp59-74, Routledge
Effective start/end date1/09/0531/08/10

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  • SoE Centre for Assessment and Evaluation Research


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