Scoping study for a survey of FGC/M-prevalence in the UK

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This project involves the first stage in the development of a survey to enable more reliable estimates of FGC/M prevalence among young people in the UK. It directly responds to the documented lack of capacity for existing UK-based evidence to provide reliable estimates of FGC/M prevalence, the over-estimates which emerge as a result and the negative consequences of this for affected communities.
The study team is co-developing, through workshops with young people from FGC/M-affected groups, a culturally- and age-appropriate tool with which to request information on experiences of and attitudes towards FGC/M, which will form the focus of a future grant application to conduct the first survey of experiences of and attitudes to FGC/M among young people in the UK.
Effective start/end date2/05/2231/07/22


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