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  1. Learning disability and Northern Ireland: Achieving proportionate universalism through administrative data research

    Murphy, J., Shelvin, M., McBride, O., Taggart, L. & Heslop, P.


    Project: Research

  2. D4D: Disability and Community: Dis/engagement, dis/enfranchisement, dis/parity and dissent

    Porter, S. M., Levinson, M., Caleb-Solly, P., Burke, L. & Carr, D.


    Project: Research

  3. Fathers with Learning Disabilities

    Dugdale, D. J., Symonds, J. P., Abbott, D. W. F. & Tarleton, B.


    Project: Research

  4. LeDeR: National LD Mortality Review Programme

    Heslop, P., Wistow, A. R., Allen, C. J., Avis, M. J., Calkin, R. A., Huxor, A. P., Burnett, A., Hanford, D. W., Cook, N. M., Gielnik, K. T. & Farr, A. M.


    Project: Research

  5. Getting Things Changed: Tackling disabling practices: co-production and change

    Abbott, D. W. F., Dowling, S., Farmer, E., Gall, M. R. Y., Heslop, P., Mason, V. A., Merchant, W. E., Porter, S. M., Read, S. A., Reynolds, N., Steel, M., Sturdy, A. J., Tarleton, B., Turney, D., Webb, J. C., Sass, B., Turner, S., Hatton, C., Antaki, C., Kitzinger, C., Blue, S. & Hicks, L. J.



    Project: Research

  6. End of Life Care Preferences

    Abbott, D. W. F. & Prescott, H.


    Project: Research

  7. The Values of Assessment

    Williams, V. J., Porter, S. M., Symonds, J. P., Miles, C. J. & Steel, M.



    Project: Research

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