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  1. Domestic Violence and Football: A feasibility study

    Williamson, E., Brookes, O. & Lombard, N.


    Project: Research

  2. Getting Things Changed: Tackling disabling practices: co-production and change

    Abbott, D. W. F., Dowling, S., Farmer, E., Gall, M. R. Y., Heslop, P., Mason, V. A., Merchant, W. E., Porter, S. M., Read, S. A., Reynolds, N., Steel, M., Sturdy, A. J., Tarleton, B., Turney, D., Webb, J. C., Sass, B., Turner, S., Hatton, C., Antaki, C., Kitzinger, C., Blue, S. & Hicks, L. J.



    Project: Research

  3. MARI: Music in the Art of Renaissance Italy, c. 1420 - 1540

    Williamson, B. & Shephard, T.


    Project: Research

  4. EBI Research for Health Solution: Paediatric Oral Health in Bristol

    Bain, S. E., Morgan, K. J., Patsios, D., Sandy, J. R., Walls, K. L., Williams, J. G., Paul, H. & Lucas, P. J.


    Project: Research

  5. The Values of Assessment

    Williams, V. J., Porter, S. M., Symonds, J. P., Miles, C. J. & Steel, M.



    Project: Research

  6. SNPs in cardiac ABC transporter genes as predictors of anthracycline induced cardiomyopathy in childhood cancer

    Pieles, G. E., Lowis, S. P., Linton, K., Williams, M. & Newbury-Ecob, R. A.


    Project: Research

  7. Are rollercoasters heart-stoppingly fun for children with congenital heart disease?

    Pieles, G. E., Stuart, G., Williams, C. & Husk, V.


    Project: Research