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The United Nations identifies climate change as the defining issue of our time and considers education has a key role in addressing it. However, progress by school leaders in addressing climate change is hampered by a dearth of research identifying the challenges facing schools and no systematic analysis exists of the experience of UK secondary school leaders in meeting these challenges. We propose a case study of five very different secondary schools, at different stages in their journey towards addressing climate change and related environmental issues. The project will use questionnaire, interviews, and documentary analysis to collect data at two time points 12 months apart. By comparing and reflecting with participants on the issues and opportunities faced, and the progress of these schools over the time period, we aim to provide valuable insights into how secondary schools can develop successful approaches to climate change.
Effective start/end date1/10/2131/07/23

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  • SoE Centre for Teaching Learning and Curriculum
  • SoE Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education
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