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'Seeds, Soil, and Social Change' analyses how scholars and community expertise variously co-produce knowledge through the material and social inter-relationships of seeds, soil, and social practice. Cabot Institute support is enabling the project to scope interdisciplinary and community-responsive research questions pertaining to the environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic challenges arising from the inter-related global conditions of food production. The project focuses in two empirical field sites, one in rural Latin America (Cuscatlán, El Salvador) and one in urban Britain (Bristol). Open workshops, field visits, and expert dialogue will be used to examine different scalar and cultural approaches to food sovereignty, biodiversity, and ecological sustainability. The aim is to bring together new geographical approaches to human-environment relations (political ontology, relation geographies, non-human geographies, new materialisms), like those studied in the Politics and Matter Research Cluster, with community expertise in both rural and urban contexts to address the politics and culture of food security challenges.
Effective start/end date1/12/1331/07/14

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  • PolicyBristolGlobalPoliticalEconomy
  • PolicyBristolSocialChangeAndDiversity
  • PolicyBristolHealthAndWellbeing


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