Shared Spaces: The how, when and why of adolescent intergroup interactions

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The Shared Spaces Project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, explores the factors that influence whether or not young people in the UK choose to interact with people from different ethnic, religious or racial groups. We are interested in how individual characteristics, school environments, family and the wider community influence young people’s interactions and friendships.

Working with young people, their parents and local communities in Belfast and Bradford, our project involves three phases. In Phase 1, we focus on understanding the things that influence who young people choose to interact with. In Phase 2, we explore how young people use the social spaces around them. And in Phase 3, we consider the things that young people think support them to interact with people who are different to them.

We hope to develop a new understanding that will promote social cohesion in Belfast and Bradford, as well as beyond.
Effective start/end date1/03/2129/02/24

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  • SoE Centre for Psychological Approaches for Studying Education


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