Slavery: Interdisciplinary Dialogue on its Memory and Afterlives

Project Details


This project aims to initiate interdisciplinary dialogue on memories of slavery and transatlantic slavery’s afterlives amongst researchers at University of Bristol and beyond. It will bring Josie Gill’s current AHRC Literary Archaeology project (which addresses questions about how we think about and research the lived environment of slaves) into dialogue with Julia O’Connell Davidson’s work on ‘modern slavery’, and the work of Cameron Thibos (European University Institute, Migration Policy Centre) and O'Connell Davidson on an openDemocracy editorial partnership ‘Beyond Trafficking & Slavery’ (BTS), which critically examines dominant discourse on ‘modern slavery’ against the literature on slavery historically and academic research on phenomena such as forced labour, child labour, ‘sex trafficking’, immigration detention, prison industrial complex, etc..
Effective start/end date25/04/1631/07/16