Support for Older Carers of Older People: the Impact of the 2014 Care Act

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This project aims to examine the impact of the 2014 Care Act on local authority support for older carers providing unpaid, co-resident care to a partner.

There are more than half a million older people who are live-in carers for their partners (spouses, civil partners and others). The 2014 Care Act promises to improve the rights of carers by giving them enhanced rights to an assessment of their needs and a role in planning the support they are given. It also requires local councils to develop local communities to enable carers to obtain support independently and prevent problems arising. There is widespread support for the Act but also concern about the capacity of local councils to put it into practice.

This research is designed to capture a broad picture of councils’ approaches to implementation of the Care Act as they affect older carers and a detailed picture of the process of implementation in selected councils.

The study will include a review of on-line information about councils in England plans for developing services with older carers in line with the 2014 Act. From this review, four councils will be selected and invited to participate as case studies. In each case study area, interviews will be held with individuals and groups, including managers, specialist carer support workers, local carers’ organisations and social workers or other practitioners responsible for assessments of carers’ needs.

Next, observations of assessments of older people and their carers will be carried out to build on the interview data and develop a picture of the impact the 2014 Act on practice with older carers.
Effective start/end date4/01/1630/04/19

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