Tangible Memories: Connecting with nature through tangible, digital experiences (in collaboration with the Brigstow Research Institute and the BBC)

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During the Tangible Memories project we noticed a disconnection from the natural world in many care home settings, but especially for those older people living with dementia and with physical issues that prevent them from going outside. As such we began to co-design some solutions to this – tangible prototypes that could enable these older people to re-connect with the natural world through multisensory approaches. Early explorations with an interactive rocking chair during the project were very positive. Others have noted that this disconnect from the natural world can be difficult for children living in hospital long term and we would also like to conduct some exploratory work around this. The BBC natural history archive is a perfect partner for this work – providing us with unique access to a plethora of data, media and materials in the field of wildlife, ecological and environmental subjects as well as an extensive sound library.
Effective start/end date16/05/1613/10/16

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