Teacher Education for Sustainable Futures

Project Details


The project aim is to bring together stakeholders from across the Bristol
PGCE Partnership, including university tutors and their colleagues, post
graduate student-teachers and school-based colleagues, to identify a
shared agenda for education for sustainable development (ESD) and to
explore potential learning opportunities within school curricula and the
PGCE Partnership programme. It is envisaged that this award will lay the
foundations for a whole course initiative in 2016-17 that features ESD
within and across school subjects.
We will use this award to:
- convene a “Core Group” of stakeholders, to meet on three
occasions between Feb and July 2016;
- trial subject-based and inter-disciplinary initiatives and evaluate
their success;
- prepare changes in the PGCE teaching programme for 2016-17.
Effective start/end date30/01/1627/07/18

Structured keywords

  • SoE Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education
  • SoE Centre for Knowledge, Culture, and Society
  • SoE Centre for Higher Education Transformations
  • SoE Centre for Teaching Learning and Curriculum


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