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A comprehensive surveillance study of adults hospitalised with acute lower respiratory tract disease which seeks to determine the burden of total disease and accurate incidence of subsets (e.g. pneumonia, lower respiratory tract infection).

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Avon CAP (Community Acquired Pneumonia) study is an observational study taking place in several hospitals in the Avon area. As part of this study, we will be recording, how many adults are admitted to hospital each year due to respiratory illness. The study aims to find out more about which bacteria and viruses cause disease and whether patients with underlying medical conditions are at increased risk of certain infections.

The study is coordinated by the Bristol Children’s Vaccine Centre (University of Bristol) and is funded by Pfizer. It has been approved by the Health Research Authority and East of England - Essex Research Ethics Committee.
Effective start/end date1/10/201/10/24

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  • Covid19


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