The Bristol Dinosaur Project

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A research and outreach project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
The Bristol Dinosaur Project focuses on the conservation and preparation of numerous bones of Thecodontosaurus antiquus (the Bristol Dinosaur), these remains are an important part of Bristol´s scientific and social history. The project has a great outreach focus as well, bringing the university and science to the public, bringing the Dinosaur back to the people. The project is run by Pedro Viegas, on the laboratorial and curating side of the project), and Ed Drewitt for the outreach and events. Pedro will design and build a new Palaeontological laboratory at the University where students and volunteers will work closely with him, receiving training in preparation and conservation of the Bristol Dinosaur specimens. Ed will promote outreach events, develop science orientated workshops where the Bristol Dinosaur is a medium for science to reach a wider, vast audience.
Effective start/end date1/04/1031/12/13


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