The Bristol Model: UoB-WECA project

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The Bristol Model is a Knowledge Exchange programme that aims to unlock positive outcomes by connecting organisations with rigorous social sciences research which is focused on their organisational needs.

This specific project - as part of the Bristol Model - aims to create a digital interactive self-assessment tool that will aid businesses in the West of England with identifying their strengths and weaknesses in their readiness in the areas of climate emergency, progressing innovation and workforce diversity and point to additional resources to address particular weaknesses. The project will address the challenge of achieving transitioning towards an inclusive clean growth economy, with a focus on support that could be provided to local businesses in terms of supporting their strategy development. It is embedded within the West of England's overarching aim to achieve long-term and clean growth and aims to enhance work and productivity practices among SMEs
Effective start/end date1/04/2130/06/22


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