The Good Parliament: Creating a more representative and inclusive House of Commons

  • Childs, Sarah L (Principal Investigator)

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The Good Parliament report, launched in Parliament on 20th July 2016 by Professor Sarah Childs, shows Parliament's working practices still reflect the traditions and preferences of those who historically populated it. The report sets out a clear and comprehensive reform agenda. It concludes it is time for Parliament to accept an institutional responsibility to become more representative and inclusive. It makes 43 recommendations, which aim to transform who sits in the House of Commons, significantly enhance MPs' effectiveness, improve the quality of parliamentary outcomes, and ultimately raise the public's regard for the House of Commons.

Professor Childs, was seconded to the House of Commons in September 2015 to work on the report, at the request of the Speaker, the Rt Hon John Bercow MP. The Speaker set up a group of MPs – 'The Commons Reference Group on Representation and Inclusion' – to lead the reform agenda. It comprises a small number of MPs, male and female, nominated by the parties. Formally chaired by the Speaker, it will meet after the summer recess and will draw up a programme of action for the rest of the Parliament.

Professor Childs provided evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee inquiry on women's representation and the constituency boundary reviews. The select committee also looked into recommendations made in Professor Childs’ The Good Parliament report on creating a more representative and inclusive House of Commons.
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