The Migrant Institute: Performing (non)belonging and post-Brexit imaginaries

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The Migrant Institute is an experimental research & performance project that brings together first-generation migrant theatre-makers and scholars from theatre, migration & mobility studies (MMB), environmental humanities (CEH) and media studies from Bristol, the South West and London. The aim of this interdisciplinary project is to explore new forms of migrant representations and performance practices emerging from experiences of migration in the UK. We intend to look at migratory identities in connection to (non)belonging to geographical and cultural spaces, to examine geopolitics of memory and translocal identities in performance.

Amidst increasingly polarised narratives of migration – where humanitarian and security narratives position migrants either as victims or threats to national security – we believe is important to shape better narratives in order to shape better policies. For this, our project would open new creative spaces for recognition; mapping, debating and sharing new perspectives via performance workshop, ideas exchange and debates. A participatory activation day event in Bristol for migrant artists and scholars to meet, discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on artistic methodologies that deal directly with experiences of migration, refugeedom and asylum amidst shifting media representations and changing migration policies in the UK. This event will feature an interactive workshop with migrant artists led by Lara Parmiani (LegalAliens Theatre) and roundtable discussions led by scholars.

This ideas exchange project would be a key part in developing a co-produced interdisciplinary AHRC funding bid (Early Career route).
Effective start/end date5/05/2030/06/20


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