To investigate prosthetic use in a low-income country (Rwanda)

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Little qualitative data exists of prosthetic centres, devises and patients in low-income countries. This research will aid in filling this gap in the literature. The ultimate aim of Simons’ research is to improve the body-device interface. Comfort is one of the main drawbacks of prosthesis use as illustrated in the literature review by Cordella, et al. (2016) on upper limb prostheses, and a study conducted by Magnusson & Ahlström (2017) on patient satisfaction with lower-limb prostheses and orthoses. The aim is to use smart materials to generate a solution for this, however it is vital that an orientation is carried out to investigate first-hand the prosthetic care that is available in such a country in order to design accordingly. This will provide essential information and understanding of the resources available and the needs of the patients, and thereby help to identify where improvements in care should be made. It will help to focus Simons’ research and the research of the Soft Robotics Group toward technology development for low income countries, a core aim of GCRF.
Effective start/end date20/05/183/06/18


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