Touching Shakespeare

  • Smith, Lorna A (Principal Investigator)
  • Bennett, Tom (Co-Principal Investigator)

Project Details


Touching Shakespeare aims to use current technology to pioneer a new tool to enhance the teaching of Shakespeare’s plays for both students and teachers. It will provide alternative performances of key scenes in order to engage the user in wider questions about the play’s meaning and historical and cultural context. Through encouraging user-generated content, it aims to engage students, and open up new opportunities in the tablet computer, subject-specific educational app market. This project has produced a pilot app on "Romeo and Juliet" which is being trialed in schools. We hope to acquire further funding to take the product to market, starting with the plays most commonly used in schools.

Key findings

Effective start/end date1/05/1231/12/16

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  • SoE Centre for Knowledge, Culture, and Society
  • SoE Centre for Teaching Learning and Curriculum


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