Towards creating inclusive performance spaces - introducing haptics in performance art to dismantle ableist barriers

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The aim is to explore how haptic technology can minimise ableist barriers to inclusivity in performance spaces by investigating disability through different lenses and models (including social, medical and cultural). Theatre practitioner Rowan James, D/deaf and neurodiverse performance artists, and academics from a range of different disciplines (perception, biomechanics, robotics, civil engineering, social history) will examine:
a) how emerging technologies in haptics can alter the multi-sensory design of performance space. This can help with the effective conception and adaptation of inclusive spaces for D/deaf communities as well the neurodiverse community, and
b) what happens when standard conventions of performance spaces are disrupted and how this can be achieved by introducing different kinds of sensory technology.
Effective start/end date2/05/2230/06/22


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