Towards tRanslational Inclusive Art & Design, Co-designed by Science, designers and the General Public, Used by Designers

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TRIAD aims to: (a) Raise awareness of the importance of including people’s experiences of places into environmental design tools to help prevent unintentional negative side effects of architectural design and public art on people’s wellbeing; (b) Co-develop with members of the General Public and creative industries a prototype of translational, parsimonious, economical and user-friendly ‘go-to’ tools for professionals. If successful, such a prototype would enable different design solutions to be experienced in a virtual reality test space whilst gathering feedback from intended audiences about their experiences of the space with the goal to assist designers in making informed decisions on how to best utilise design and art that is inclusive to all; (c) Help create robust insight into the scalability and usability of scientific knowledge and methods to increase engagement with and accessibility of design and art in public spaces for all citizens.

Layman's description

A joint ESRC-EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account grant and a Temple Quarter Public Engagement grant have been awarded for the development of a new digital technology-based tool informed by the latest vision science research to support inclusive architectural design. The TRIAD tool (Toward tRanslational Inclusive Art & Design) will be co-designed with architects and the General Public in partnership with We the Curious (Science Centre in Bristol), MyWorld (a £46M creative media powerhouse pioneering new digital formats and technologies, creating innovative experiences in screen-based media), and CAMERA (Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications, University of Bath). The University’s future Story Exchange space at the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus will serve as use case for the tool; thus, offering an unprecedented opportunity to Bristol’s diverse communities to gather insights into their own personal reactions to different designs and to directly influence the final design choices for Story Exchange.

Effective start/end date1/02/2231/12/22


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