Travel, Translation and Translingualism: Franco-Chinese Novels and Visual Arts in the Global Age

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My current research project examines the works of four contemporary first-generation Chinese migrant writer-artists in France: François CHENG 程抱一, DAI Sijie 戴思杰, SHAN Sa 山飒, and GAO Xingjian 高行健. They were all born in China, immigrated to France in their adulthood in pursuit of their literary and artistic ambitions, have obtained various prestigious institutional recognitions (Nobel Prize in Literature, Grand Prix de la Francophonie, Prix Femina, Golden Globes nomination, etc.), and have established themselves as writer-artists—translators, calligraphers, painters, playwrights, and filmmakers—in their host country. French has become their dominant (but not only) language of literary creation (except for Gao); yet, linguistic idioms, poetic imagery, and classical thought from Chinese cultural heritage permeate their French texts and visual artworks by means of translation, travel narrative, and cross-artistic fertilization. It is in the translingual, transmedial, and interstitial space between French and Chinese languages and cultures that they find their creative inspiration, freedom, desire, and new life and identity. To further highlight the cross-cultural creative dynamics, the book also scrutinizes how some of their works are self- or collaboratively translated and received ‘back’ in the sinophone space of articulation, and are self-adapted to, and recomposed in, other artistic media, overcoming another host of stylistic, aesthetic, and political challenges.
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