UK Quantum Technology Hub for Quantum Communication Technologies (via York)

  • Rarity, John G (Principal Investigator)
  • Thompson, Mark G (Principal Investigator)
  • Erven, Christopher (Co-Investigator)
  • Laing, Anthony (Co-Investigator)
  • Nejabati, Reza (Co-Investigator)
  • Simeonidou, Dimitra (Co-Investigator)
  • Lowndes, David L D (Researcher)
  • Kennard, Jake E (Researcher)
  • Hugues Salas, Emilio (Researcher)
  • Hart, Andy S (Researcher)
  • Collins, Richard L (Researcher)
  • Ntavou, Foteini (Researcher)
  • Borghi, Massimo (Researcher)
  • Joshi, Siddarth K (Researcher)
  • Aktas, Djeylan V C (Researcher)

Project Details


Quantum technologies are new, disruptive technologies that have the potential to outperform familiar information technologies, for example in the areas of communications, sensing, measurement and computing. We all use all this stuff every day, relying on it increasingly as our lives become more and more "high-tech". Quantum technologies employ the weird and counter-intuitive features of quantum physics, in technologies that can offer greater security for communications and data. Or in technologies that can measure and sense things better. Or in technologies that can open up new and more powerful directions in computing.
The UK has an outstanding track record - recognised worldwide - in quantum technology research. The time is now here for this research to progress to development, demonstration and the commercialisation of new quantum technologies. The UK Government has recognised this fact and has injected £270M into the Science and Technology budget to achieve it. A major part of this £270M is to be spent on a national network of Quantum Technology Hubs, whose job it will be to deliver new quantum technologies for the UK.
Our proposed contribution to this endeavour is a Hub for new Quantum Communications Technologies. Data and communications security are absolutely essential throughout society today - for individuals, institutions, businesses, governments and nations. Current secure communications systems have vulnerabilities, some exposed today and others that may be exposed in the future as computing power and hacking techniques improve. Secure communications based on quantum physics can eliminate some of these vulnerabilities, providing systems whose security is underpinned by the laws of Nature.
Alternative titleEPSRC Quantum Communications Hub
Effective start/end date1/12/1430/11/19

Structured keywords

  • QETLabs
  • QITG
  • Bristol Quantum Information Institute
  • Centre for Science and Philosophy
  • Photonics and Quantum


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