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The NIHR School for Primary Care Research funded DECODE (unexpecteD consEquenCes Of Digital hEalth) study is examining the unexpected and unintended consequences of technology for patients, GP’s and other practice staff for three popular uses of technology in primary care practices:
1) Smartphone apps that support patients to monitor and self-manage long-term conditions with their GP
2) online triage/consultation
3) patients’ online access to their medical records.

A stakeholder workshop was held to consider the range of unintended consequences to investigate and a literature review of reported unintended consequences is underway to produce a conceptual map of the evidence. This will inform interviews with patients, GPs, practice staff, commissioners and industry representatives to inform guidance on the future development, implementation and evaluation of digital health interventions in primary care.

Jeremy Horwood from the University of Bristol is leading the study in collaboration with colleagues from NIHR CLAHRC West, Universities of Oxford, Manchester, Warwick, University College London and the West of England Academic Health Science Network.
Effective start/end date1/05/1831/03/20


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