University of Bristol International Strategic Fund (2023) - Tokyo University Visit to University of Bristol

  • Martin, Peter George (Principal Investigator)
  • Miwa, Shuichiro (Collaborator)
  • Mitsutoshi, Suzuki (Collaborator)

Project Details


Resulting from the UK’s extensive nuclear history and their work in various fields, such as radiation detection, waste management and fuel/material aging, UoB academics are world-leading in these areas - much of which has been supported by recent EPSRC, STFC and industrial grants on nuclear robotics, remote inspection, and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The outputs from such research have, in 2021, been successfully deployed on UK nuclear sites such as Sellafield and AWE, as well as Magnox Berkeley and Winfrith. Consequently, this ISF will seek to produce further, international impact by engaging with key representatives and stakeholders from Japan’s premier research institution alongside their extensive and notable network of collaborators to identify and deploy UoB technologies to immediately assist in continued radiological safety and immediate multi-reactor unit decommissioning.

Layman's description

Since the accident at the Fukushima power plant, Bristol has established strong links across Japan having received multiple research council, industry and charity funding awards. Internally, this work on evaluating the ongoing environmental legacy of Fukushima aligns with the aims and objectives of the Cabot Institute. Externally, the evaluation of contamination aligns with NERC Thematic Areas covering anthropogenic risk and uncertainty, pollution and environmental systems and cycles. By facilitating this collaboration, Bristol will be well-placed to establish wider
collaborations with Tokyo University in the fields of robotics, sensor development, AI/ML and fundamental nuclear materials.
Alternative titleTransferring University of Bristol Radiation Detection, Robotics and Nuclear Decommissioning Technologies and Capabilities to Japan and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to Enable the Next Phase of Reactor Dismantling and Fuel Retrievals.
Effective start/end date7/02/2331/07/23


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