We Are Still Here: Stories from the HIV/AIDS Community

  • Flint, Adrian G (Principal Investigator)
  • Burns, Martin (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Günsche, Mareike (Co-Principal Investigator)

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Research question: To what extent can visual representations of living spaces offer an insight into the lived experiences and mental well-being of people in the HIV/AIDS community in the UK?

Layman's description

In the midst of one global pandemic, we propose to revisit an ongoing one that has fallen from view. At the 2012 XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington DC, much of the discussion was on the ‘end of AIDS’ and the prospects for an ‘AIDS-free generation’. While these headlines were phrased as aspirations, the lingering sense was that HIV/AIDS had been beaten. The last eight years has seen a steady decline in the visibility of HIV/AIDS in the public consciousness, despite the pandemic being very much alive. Nearly 37 million people in the world are HIV+. Even the terms HIV and AIDS are consistently confused, despite their intrinsic differences. Only 45% of the nation’s populace know how HIV can be transmitted, even though transmission is impossible in many cases. The result of all these has been that many who are living with HIV/AIDS are still invisible, while shamefully continuing to face the prejudice and stigma that has accompanied the pandemic from its early days. We aim to use this exhibition to make them visible again.
Effective start/end date2/11/2031/07/21


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