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The UK Mental Health Research Network has been established with funding from the Department of Health to provide the infrastructure to support mental health and social care research in England. The aims of the MHRN are to organise and administer multicentre research projects and to develop research capacity through a range of initiatives at regional and national level.

There are eight regional hubs. The West Hub is a partnership between the University of Bristol, Departments of Psychiatry, Primary Care and the Centre for Health and Social Care at the School for Policy Studies, the University of Exeter, and regional mental health trusts.

John Carpenter and Sarah Payne share the responsibility as Social Care Lead to develop effective connections between the Hub and mental health services provided by local authorities and voluntary organisations in the region. They encourage service managers, social workers and other social care workers to take part in Hub projects, so augmenting the capacity for service users and carers to be involved in research.
Effective start/end date1/01/0531/12/14

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  • SPS Centre for Research in Health and Social Care


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