What is the best relationship between humans and AI? Investigating researcher perceptions of AI through immersive experience

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The key challenge for this project is to explore, through immersive experience, perceptions of the best possible relationship between humans and AI by researchers drawn from different disciplines across the university.
In order to do this we will use, for the first time, an immersive and interactive, experiential approach called ‘Echoborg’. Devised by Bristol-based director/producer Rik Lander (UWE) and chatbot designer Phil D Hall, Echoborg is an interactive show ‘created afresh each time by the audience
in conversation with an artificial intelligence’ (https://echoborg.com/about.html) (please watch the trailers!). Originally a live performance presented in a theatre, it has recently been adapted successfully in an online format.

By analysing the content generated in these sessions we will investigate how PhD researchers drawn from different disciplines, from computer sciences to arts and music, perceive the best relationship between themselves and AI, whilst exploring the ethical and social issues that AI presents for them and their discipline

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/07/21


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