WUN RDF: Data Analysis with Privacy Protection for Epidemiological Research

  • Wilson, Rebecca.C. (Manager)
  • Burton, Paul R (Principal Investigator)

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This new WUN "Data Analysis with Privacy Protection for Epidemiological Research" (DAPPER) network proposes a workshop focusing on the tools and approaches which allow sensitive data to be shared and analysed without being
physically transferred between researchers. Practical sessions will be
of central importance allowing potential users to explore different approaches in action by running analyses themselves.
The workshop will be held in Bristol in August 2016.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/16


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    Wilson, R. C., Turner, A. J., Butters, O., Gaye, A., Murtagh, M. J., Murtagh, B. P. P., Burton, P. R., Minion, J. T., Isaeva, J., Ferretti, V., Marcon, Y., Parley, N. R. & Avraam, D.

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    Project: Research

  • AMASED: Access Methods for Analysing SEnsitive Data

    Wilson, R. C. & Burton, P. R.


    Project: Research