A common variant of HMGA2 is associated with adult and childhood height in the general population

MN Weedon, G Lettre, RM Freathy, CM Lindgren, BF Voight, JR Perry, KS Elliott, R Hackett, C Guiducci, B Shields, E Zeggini, H Lango, V Lyssenko, N J Timpson, NP Burtt, NW Rayner, R Saxena, K Ardlie, Jonathan H Tobias, A NessSM Ring, CN Palmer, AD Morris, L Peltonen, V Salomaa, Initiative The Diabetes Genetics, Consortium The Wellcome Trust Case Control, George Davey Smith, LC Groop, AT Hattersley, MI McCarthy, JN Hirschhorn, TM Frayling

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review

352 Citations (Scopus)

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