A comparative analysis of an EEG model and a conductance-based

V Chizhov, Anto, S Rodrigues, JR Terry

Research output: Working paper

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We consider a firing-rate model, that may be used to model EEG, justifying its use by comparison with a conductance-based refractory density population model and a set of individual neurons. It is shown that stimulation of the system by applying a step-wise current, results in a sharp peak in the population activity that can be reproduced by the EEG-model. In addition the steady-state activity may also be reproduced. Similar comparisons are obtained for stimulation via oscillatory inputs
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2006

Bibliographical note

Additional information: Preprint of an article published by Elsevier in the journal, Physics Letters Volume A, volume 369, issues 1-2, 10 September 2007, pages 31-36.

Sponsorship: EPSRC EP/D068436/01


  • population model
  • firing-rate model
  • conductance-based model
  • EEG
  • refractory density equation
  • neuron ensemble
  • Fokker-Planck equation


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