A McKean--Vlasov equation with positive feedback and blow-ups

Sean Ledger, Ben Hambly, Andreas Sojmark

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)


We study a McKean--Vlasov equation arising from a mean-field model of a particle system with positive feedback. As particles hit a barrier they cause the other particles to jump in the direction of the barrier and this feedback mechanism leads to the possibility that the system can exhibit contagious blow-ups. Using a fixed-point argument we construct a differentiable solution up to a first explosion time. Our main contribution is a proof of uniqueness in the class of c\`{a}dl\`{a}g functions, which confirms the validity of related propagation-of-chaos results in the literature. We extend the allowed initial conditions to include densities with any power law decay at the boundary, and connect the exponent of decay with the growth exponent of the solution in small time in a precise way. This takes us asymptotically close to the control on initial conditions required for a global solution theory. A novel minimality result and trapping technique are introduced to prove uniqueness.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberarXiv:1801.07703
Issue number1801.07703
Publication statusSubmitted - 23 Jan 2018


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