A purely adaptive controller to synchronize and control chaotic systems

M di Bernardo

Research output: Working paper

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Following the work presented by the author in a previous paper, a model reference adaptive controller, which requires minimal knowledge of the system structures, is synthesized to control or synchronize chaotic systems. This is achieved by exploiting the boundedness of chaotic evolutions. Moreover, when the linear term of the error equation is characterized by a Hurwitz matrix, the control law is reduced to a pure discontinuous action, whose amplitude is adaptively estimated. The method is applied to the control of a Lorenz system and the synchronization of two dentical Chua circuits
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1995

Bibliographical note

Additional information: Preprint of a paper later published by Elsevier Science, (1996) Physics Letters A, 214 (3-4), pp. 139-144. ISSN 0375-9601

Structured keywords

  • Engineering Mathematics Research Group


  • Chua circuits
  • adaptive controller
  • Hurwitz matrix
  • control law
  • Lorenz system
  • chaotic systems


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