A RAM based architecture for the implementation of bit-serial digital filters

David Bull, G Wacey, J Hansen

Research output: Contribution to conferenceConference Abstract


Bit-serial implementations of digital signal processing algorithms often find favour where reduced implementation area is an important design criterion since they facilitate an efficient trade-off between silicon area and data throughput. Area-wise the adoption of a bit-serial regime not only offers single wire communication paths, but also allows the use of one-bit arithmetic operators. This paper presents a methodology and architecture which will facilitate the adoption of standard RAM compiled cells for bit serial digital filtering. The paper presents the method and general architecture, and describes a design which has been realised using this technique based on the Xilinx 4000 series FPGA. Finally, complexity comparisons are made between the new and conventional approaches
Original languageEnglish
Pages6/1 - 6/8
Publication statusPublished - Nov 1992

Bibliographical note

Name of Conference: 12th Saraga Colloquium on Digital and Analogue Filters and Filtering Systems
Venue of Conference: London, UK


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