Acts of citizenship as methodology

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The more value-neutral a conceptual framework appears, the more likely it is to advance the hegemonic interests of dominant groups, and less likely it is to be able to detect important actualities of social relations. Introduction. On 17 October 2005, approximately 200 sex worker activists gathered at the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels at the invitation of Italian Member of European Parliament (MEP) Monica Frassoni, to present the proceedings of the European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration. During the conference, the delegates debated and worked on two documents, the Declaration on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe and the Sex Workers in Europe Manifesto, outlining both the violations of sex workers’ rights and demands for rights that they were due. During the session, they presented key points from the manifesto and a set of recommendations on sex work for policy makers. Celebrating the end of the conference and the endorsement of the declaration and the manifesto, delegates displayed banners at the EP. A group of Swedish women, holding a conference on human trafficking at the same time, asked that security staff remove the sex worker activists on the grounds that demonstrating and waving banners in the EP is illegal. Having successfully held their ground in the EP, the activists regrouped and headed to the streets of Brussels for a demonstration. During the demonstration they held up red umbrellas, a symbol used by sex worker activists Europe-wide to signal their presence and make visible their political demands.

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