Airbnb and rental markets: Evidence from Berlin

Tomaso Duso, Claus Michelsen, Maximilian Schaefer, Kevin D Tran*

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review


We exploit the differential responses of Airbnb hosts to two distinct policy interventions in Berlin to shed light on the optimal design of policies targeting short-term rental platforms to mitigate rental market inflation. The first intervention, which affected commercial listings, significantly impacted long-term rental markets, unlike the second intervention, which mainly affected non-commercial listings. Leveraging these policy variations, we estimate the marginal impact of Airbnb on rental supply and rents. Each additional commercial Airbnb listing displaces 0.23 to 0.37 rental units and increases rent per square meter by 1.3 to 2.4 percent. This underscores the importance of targeting commercial listings when regulating short-term rental markets.
Original languageEnglish
Article number104007
JournalRegional Science and Urban Economics
Early online date3 Apr 2024
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2024

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  • short-term rental regulation
  • sharing economy
  • rents
  • housing markets
  • Airbnb


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