Analysis of medium-speed runway exit manoeuvres

B Krauskopf, MH Lowenberg, EB Coetzee

Research output: Working paper

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Recent studies suggest that fuel savings can be realised if more efficient surface movements can be achieved through means other than the engines of an aircraft, or by optimising the scheduling of aircraft on the ground. All aspects of ground manoeuvring therefore need to be studied to understand the impact of such changes. This paper presents an analysis method for medium-speed manoeuvres, and, more specifically, runway exit manoeuvres. Kinematic equations that were derived for towing analysis form the basis of the runway exit study, from which empirical formulas are derived for steering angle and clearance predictions. The results of the empirical method compare very well with kinematic studies, as well as detailed dynamic model simulations, as is demonstrated with the test case example of an A380 model. The empirical formulas can be used to great effect during the early design phases of an aircraft programme for the prediction of steering angles and clearance distances, when very little data is available. The greatest advantage of the proposed method is that any aircraft configuration or runway exit can be analysed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2010


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