Association between common variation at the FTO locus and changes in body mass index from infancy to late chilhood: The complex nature of genetic association through growth and development

U Sovio, DO Mook-Kanamori, NM Warrington, R Lawrence, L Briollais, A Palmer C N, J Cecil, JK Sandling, AC Syvanen, M Kaakinen, LJ Beilin, IY Millwood, J Bennett A, J Laitinen, A Pouta, J Molitor, G Davey Smith, Y Ben-Shlomo, VW Jaddoe, LJ PalmerCE Pennell, TJ Cole, I McCarthy M, M-R Jarvelin, NJ Timpson, Consortium for the EGG

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review

152 Citations (Scopus)

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