Association of Folate-Pathway Gene Polymorphisms with the Risk of Prostate Cancer: a Population-Based Nested Case-Control Study, Systematic Review, and Meta-analysis

SM Collin, C Metcalfe, L Zuccolo, SJ Lewis, L Chen, A Cox, MJ Davis, JA Lane, JL Donovan, G Davey Smith, D Neal, F Hamdy, J Gudmundsson, P Sulem, T Rafnar, KR Benediktsdottir, RA Eeles, M Guy, Z Kote-Jarai, Group UK Genetic Prostate Cancer StudyJ Morrison, AA Al Olama, K Stefansson, JM Murabito, CL Rosenberg, S-J Hwang, DF Easton, RM Martin

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review

77 Citations (Scopus)

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