Augmenting Expectation in Playful Arena Performances with Ubiquitous Intimate Technologies

Simon Lock, Alice Bayliss, Jenn Sheridan

Research output: Other contribution

Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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Summary. The inherent freedom of playful arenas combined with intimate ubiquitous technologies has led to a new breed of performance. We draw on theory from computing, performance and club culture to illustrate the Performance Triad model, a method for the analysis, deconstruction and understanding of performance in playful arenas. Abstract. The empowerment and facility of new ubiquitous sensor technologies combined with the inherent freedom of playful arenas has led to a new breed of performance. These new performances meld atoms and bits, performer and audience, fantasy and fact to create an intimate connection between our physical and virtual world and to affectively augment our notion of expectation. Low-cost sensing and quick set up allows for more flexible, spontaneous and mobile performances which infiltrate unanticipated performance spaces. Our interest lies in how technology stimulates the desire of the clubber to create and be performative within this space; how the technology promotes dialogue between itself and the user; how the use of such technology may signal new and innovative performance practices. We perceive the underground club space as an arena where all who contribute to its status as a communal event embrace participation, performance and play. The clubbing environment

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