Brackish waters: researching with simultaneous uncertainty and possibility

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Whether I reflect on my experience as a PhD student, the nature of living with a pandemic, or the object of interest of my research project itself, the notion of simultaneous uncertainty and possibility continues to emerge. In this presentation I take the concept of brackish water and put it to work in developing an approach to researching creative thinking as a practice that has value in its own right. First I make sense of this concept by drawing connections between brackish water and the practice of creative thinking, I then share how these connections are helping me articulate my orientation to methodology and finally I think practically about how this orientation plays out in research design. My approach is influenced by post-qualitative thinking, in particular the work of Springgay and Truman (2018) and I draw upon concepts such as the rhizome and assemblage (Deleuze & Guatarri, 1988), to help me think with the challenges and possibilities that emerge.


Conference School of Education Doctoral Conference 2021, University of Bristol
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