Breaking Barriers Through Edmodo: A Qualitative Approach on the Perceptions of University of Malaya Undergraduates

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As technology advances forward, we find software and applications are overwhelmingly available for teachers and students perusal. Digital designs for teaching and learning are highly encouraged and anticipated as it prepares students of today for the demands in future workforce. Many educators use available social networks for their classrooms. Despite the use of social networks in education, it does present disadvantages as its invention is geared towards social networking purposes. Therefore, does Edmodo (social learning platform) provide a better alternative? The research aims to elucidate strategies and advantages of executing Edmodo in education. The research employed purposive sampling which led to a total of four undergraduates from a prestigious Malaysian university. The research frameworks were on the theories of constructivism, hermeneutics, symbolic interactionism and interpretivism which are focusing on the process of meaning-making and one’s interpretation of a phenomenon. It aimed to generate insights and sharing through in depth interviews using interview protocol, photographs and concept maps. The study executed open coding to identify the emerging themes, axial coding which focused on finding the themes’ consistency and selective coding whereby core categories were selected in order to illuminate Edmodo’s phenomenon. The findings were presented in a narrative manner. The pedagogical implications are pertaining to how Edmodo breaks barriers in a four walls classroom by enabling students to access learning resources beyond classroom and empowering student-centred learning through; novelty of tasks, suitable learning environment and mobility.
Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages19
JournalOnline Learning Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 20 Apr 2018


  • Edmodo
  • education
  • online learning
  • social learning platform
  • teaching and learning strategy


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